About Solar Products


Wulfekuhle Electric stands behind American Made Products by Mission, and Enphase.

Wulfekuhle Electric has the expertise to provide your project with the appropriate equipment for your application.  They can provide standard or custom built ground mounts, pole mounts, roof mounts, microinverters, string inverters, and panels at a competitive cost.



Working with Wulfekuhle Electric
1.  Call to schedule a free on site evaluation of your project.
2.  Wulfekuhle Electric evaluates the last 12 months of your electric utility usage for efficiency.
3.  Wulfekuhle Electric will give recommendations of electrical upgrades to provide efficiency...could include LED upgrade, etc.  Higher Efficiency = Less Solar Installation Costs.  Solar energy is not one size fits all.  Wulfekuhle Electric will assess your specific energy needs and give recommendations accordingly.
4.  Client seeks financing after Wulfekuhle Electric confirms your total project costs including materials, labor, inspection fees and utility agreements.
5.  Installation begins after utility agreements have been confirmed.
6.  Enjoy your lower utility costs, reduction in your carbon footprint, and tax incentives! Wulfekuhle Electric is here for you with any questions you may have on your new solar installation

What are the incentives for installing solar?
   Currently in Iowa, there is a Federal tax voucher of 30% of the total project costs.  The state of Iowa contributes a 15% total tax voucher of total project costs (limitations on applications and value, contact us for more information!).  For commercial installations, there is a depreciation schedule (speak with your tax advisor for further information).  Depending on your current provider, significantly lower your monthly utility costs.  Incentives vary by state, contact Wulfekuhle Electric to discuss your location.   There may also be agricultural grants available.
Call to schedule your free evaluation today!

Is Financing Available For My Installation?
  Coming Soon…

What will be my return on investment?
   Every customer is different and many factors contribute to your ROI.  Wulfekuhle Electric prides itself in providing every customer with a realistic payback evaluation so you can make an informed decision. 

Is there a warranty on my installation?
   Our quality equipment comes with a 25 year factory limited warranty.

My utility company denied my solar installation, now what?
   Solar panels produce energy that may feed back to the utility grid. When evaluating your interconnect agreement, a utility may deem that grid area saturated and deny your solar interconnection. Now, there is a solution. We introduce The Renewable Energy Modulator, developed by Wulfekuhle Electric LLC under Wren Controls LLC. A solution for backfeeding and prevents your excess solar energy from going onto the utilities grid, gauranteed. If you have been denied an interconnect agreement, contact your utility company about The Renewable Energy Modulator.