Available Solar Products

Wulfekuhle Electric stands behind American Made Products by Wren Controlls, Mission, and Enphase.

Wulfekuhle Electric has the expertise to provide your project with the appropriate equipment for your application.  They can provide standard or custom built ground mounts, pole mounts, roof mounts, microinverters, string inverters, and panels at a competitive cost.

Renewable Energy Modulator


  • Available in Small, Medium, or Large

  • Works with both AC and DC Inverters

  • Allows installation where utilities say NO or ask for a feasibility study by guaranteeing no grid back-feeding

  • Transfer excess solar production to battery storage for later use if desired

  • Monitor your production with a user friendly touch screen

  • Expandable and Customizable to your specific installation

  • Assembled in the USA

  • Patent Pending

  • UL Listed

  • Outdoor Rated

Solar Panels We Install

Assembled in America

Backed By a 25 Year Double Warranty

MSE Perc 60

MSE Perc 60

MSE Perc 72

MSE Perc 72

MSE Mono 60

MSE Mono 60


AC Microinverters keep your system producing at fullest efficiency, monitoring each panel separately.  If a small portion of one panel is shaded, remaining panels operate at full potential.  


Envoy Monitoring System


Adding the optional Envoy Monitoring System allows you to track the output of your solar energy system via computer or cellphone.  

Sonnen Batteries - Arriving Soon