Thinking of switching to LED lighting for your home, farm, or business?  

Find out how affordable it can be with a lighting energy assessment and cost analysis.

LED Bulbs and Fixtures

  • EFFICIENT - Save up to 60% on energy use.

  • COST EFFECTIVE - Bulbs last up to 6 times longer.

  • GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT - No toxic elements, reduces carbon emissions by reduced energy usage.

  • GOOD FOR YOUR BOTTOM LINE - Rebate programs allow for quicker return on investment and lower utility bills.

Why do you need a lighting energy assessment and cost analysis?  The free assessment will provide 

  • Cost of current energy usage of existing light fixtures and bulbs.

  • Expected energy savings from new LED bulbs and fixture.

  • Out of pocket costs for retro-fitting to LED after considering all applicable rebates.

  • Rate of return on investment.

Wulfekuhle Electric

  • Helps you find the rebates that will work best for your lighting and energy needs.

  • Takes care of all the paperwork involved in the rebating process.

  • Has competitive prices on quality, warrantied LED replacement bulbs and fixtures.

  • Helps you get your home, farm, or business, energy efficient with the least out of pocket cost.

  • Hauls away your old lighting to be recycled.


Want to reduce your carbon footprint even more?

Pair your LED with a solar system installation by our experienced crew!